Finding Your Entry Door Style

Finding Your Entry Door Style

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The entrance to your home is essential. Your entry door is one of the first elements people notice when they walk up to your house. It welcomes them into your home and speaks volumes. In addition, this area gives you the chance to add some character and flavor to your home in the door, lighting, hardware, and structural elements such as columns, planters, and shutters. Whether you are launching into a new build or upgrading the look of your home, choosing an attractive, high-performing front door is a critical decision. Learning about various door styles ensures you’ll love what it has to say!


Types of front door materials

Wood: When choosing front door material, wood is a popular choice among homeowners. Because they can be custom to your desired style, shape, and size, sidelights, decorative glass, and panels can easily personalize wood front doors. You can also customize the finish of your door with stain or paint. Stains are often a popular choice allowing you to show the wood’s natural grain. Like other entry door materials, wood has its pros and cons. Some of the advantages of wood material are that it offers you ample customization options and durability. Unfortunately, entry doors made from wood are susceptible to moisture, expensive, and not energy efficient.


Glass: If you’re a fan of natural light, you should invest in a door with glass. A French door with multiple panes or a single open pane could be a solid door with a window near the top to allow light. Though the main benefit is the light, they are also long-lasting as they will not dent, scratch, or rust. Wooden and fiberglass framework or primed solid core doors with glass add an air of sophistication to any entryway.


Fiberglass: Fiberglass for entry doors is another excellent material that combines durability, safety, and functionality. Visually they can be similar to wooden models as the wood grain can be imitated, but they are not subject to rotting or warping. However, fiberglass doors may show their age with dents and dings over time, which cannot be sanded down as with a wood door. Fiberglass is lightweight compared to wood and steel material but features a durable coating that is less prone to warping and moisture.


Iron: Iron doors offer an air of uniqueness and elegance to a home. With their luxurious patterns and beautiful finishes, wrought iron doors can provide your home with an avalanche of aesthetics and security. In addition, iron front doors can protect your door from the damage of terrible weather conditions since they are resistant to fire and other elements.


Entry Door Styles

Traditional entry door:  If you have a standard-sized entryway, the possibilities are endless! You can choose from wood, wood clad, fiberglass, and steel with the options for glass inserts, sidelights, and transoms. Premier manufacturers offer a range of choices, from natural grain to eclectic color palettes. While “traditional” implies a classic style, you can also choose more modern and contemporary doors to complement your exterior and interior decor. The entry is wide open in terms of finding the right style and fit for your home.


Double doors:  If you have a larger opening or grand entryway, you need a door that will make a statement. Better yet, why not have two doors? Double doors feature two vertical panels that meet in the middle when closed. You can opt to have one door fixed or to have both doors fully operational. Double doors can be crafted from the same materials as standard doors, including wood, clad wood, steel, and fiberglass. They can also feature glass inserts and other decorative touches.

Their versatility allows you to customize your entryways: they can open inwards or out and from left or right. As mentioned, one door can be operational while the other is decorative. We typically see these used for patio areas, an excellent way to let nature in a while still enjoying optimal comfort and privacy!


Craftsman style:  A craftsman door works best with a craftsman or craftsman-inspired architecture, which allows their simple, natural charm to shine through fully. These doors are crafted from hardwood, typically oak, cherry, and mahogany, stained or painted. Luckily with today’s technology, you have the option of selecting reproductions made from composite wood or steel for greater durability and protection from the elements.

Craftsman doors usually have glass panes in the top third portion of the door: they can be one pane or small ones separated by wood trim. You can also choose models with sidelights and/or a transom. This adds another simple yet elegant touch to these sturdy stalwarts.


Farmhouse style: Modern farmhouse exterior doors offer more than a heaping portion of wholesome, hearty style and quality. Options vary from rustic double doors with iron strap hinges, tall escutcheons backing the doorknobs, and a barn-like aesthetic to more simple panels with large panes of glass separated by slim but solid wood mullions. These doors offer an excellent way to bring a breath of fresh air to your home.


Pivot doors: Want to make a bold statement? Pivot doors offer an unconventional, contemporary – and simply gorgeous – solution. These doors rotate on a pivot box (floor) and jam (top) rather than on side hinges, as is typical. Not only does this introduce a sleek aesthetic, but pivot models are also ideal for large entryways.

They feature high-performance hardware for seamless operation even in broader and taller doorways. You can even opt for double pivots for door panels that seem almost independent of the frame. Pivot doors are certainly one of the highest-end solutions: they may cost up to twice as much as a standard single door. However, the luxury and “wow” factor they add to your modern home is no denying.


Oversized entry doors: Standard exterior doors are 30, 32, or 36 inches wide with a height of 80 inches. Depending on the size of your home and entryway, a larger door is necessary to complete the aesthetic. A standard door may feel more like the entry to a hobbit hole! Oversized doors present some challenges: the size has a greater chance of warping and malfunctioning. Fortunately, though, today’s top manufacturers create durable and long-lasting solutions with your choice of fiberglass, steel, aluminum, glass, and even wood.


Are you excited to find the right exterior doors to complete your home’s style and add to its functionality? If you are looking for clear education on all of your entry door options and peace of mind that the job will be done right, contact us at HomeWise Roofing and Exteriors.

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