What Can Damage Your Roof This Fall

Fall is a favorite time of the year for many people. There is an almost canvas-like picture of spectacular color everywhere you go. It makes the commute to and from work or school a much more pleasant experience. Slow-moving rush hour traffic gives you that silent moment to enjoy the scenery as you make your way home. That tranquil mood that puts you at ease could quickly change if you come home to a leaky roof or missing shingles. Omaha-area exteriors are prone to issues all year round due to weather conditions and maintenance problems. Here are a few things to watch for so that your roof remains sound and you can continue enjoying the gorgeous fall weather before the snow falls.

Windy weather

With the wind howling outside, you may be tucked into your home around a cozy fire during fall storms. The wind has the potential to wreak havoc on your home. The roof is particularly vulnerable as it has the most exposure. Shingles may lift, metal panels could blow away, and all sorts of debris could fall onto the roof. The best way to protect your roof from strong winds is to ensure it has been installed properly with quality products. If you are unsure of your roof’s condition, call in experts like Omaha-area exteriors to have it inspected.


Severe storms are likely as the warm summer months leave us and the cooler fall months transition in. These storms often come with rain, wind, and sometimes even hail. Hail is very damaging to everything it falls upon. If you have ever been caught in a hailstorm, you know the pain that is inflicted by these ice balls falling from the sky. Imagine the pain your roof is feeling as it is totally exposed as it gets pelted. Unfortunately, you cannot do much to protect your roof from hail. If damage is suspected, contact Omaha exterior company to assess the damage before filing an insurance claim.

Tree Branches

Trees provide people with so many benefits. They give us shade in the summer, beautiful color in the fall, and shelter us from the wind during cold winter storms. Unfortunately, they also cause a potential threat to our homes. That gorgeous old oak tree in the front yard may be beloved by your family but keeping it in good health is essential. Large tree branches may fall during storms but also if the tree is not as healthy as it once was (we all sort of fall apart as we age.)

Falling Leaves

Those leaves are so beautiful when they are on the tree. Then they fall off the tree onto your yard (where you have to rake them) and onto your roof. Leaves clog gutters which could cause a back-up of water onto your roof. Later in the season, ice and snow could even further compromise the roof’s condition. Leaves can also gather in the corners of the roof when wet. These wet leaves can stay on the roof and attract more friendly leaves to their little party. Piles of wet leaves on the roof will add tons of moisture to the roof. Prolonged moisture could damage the roofing materials and underlying structures. Home maintenance is crucial this time of the year.

Flimsy Flashing

Flashing is the material that protects your home’s exteriors where the roof meets other areas. Chimneys and skylights are common on a home’s roof. Flashing is put around these items during installation or when a new roof is installed. It could fail if this flashing is not installed correctly or if the elements degrade the surrounding area. When the flashing is damaged, water can get in around it. This is why people often see leaking around these areas. Installing the flashing properly will prevent these leaks from happening in the future.


Wild creatures such as squirrels, chipmunks, bats, and insects would love to have what you have: a safe and warm home that they can snuggle into during the frigid winter months. During the summer, they often live like us, free-spirited and basking in the warm sunshine. Once the daylight begins to dwindle, they become frantic in finding the perfect home for their family. Yours looks attractive to them. Chewing, climbing, and scratching animals can really damage your roof. Inspecting your roof for damage or holes will help mitigate issues before they occur and send these wildlings back over the wall.

1024px 20040901 Squirrel on the roof 2
Ildar Sagdejev (Specious), CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

The roof of your home protects everything and everyone. Staying on top of potential issues will ensure your home remains in top condition for today and into the future. Minor repairs not completed today could lead to much more significant problems in the future. HomeWise, experts in Omaha-area exteriors, have trained technicians here to answer any of your questions or provide timely service.

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