4 Reasons Your Home Needs Insulated Siding

Homeownership is almost a full-time job by itself. If something isn’t in need of repair, you’re likely busy trying to upgrade your house. Deciding what home improvement project to embark on next can be daunting. Do you want a new kitchen? Is your primary bathroom in need of renovation? Or maybe you’re thinking of doing new landscaping?

Each undertaking will boost your home’s value while making it more aesthetically pleasing. But one project that can improve the look of your house while as well as deliver tangible benefits is new insulated siding.

Insulated siding is especially valuable if you live in an area with cold winters or humid summers, such as Nebraska. An Omaha exterior company can help you install insulated siding and realize the myriad of benefits it provides.

Keep reading to learn four reasons your home needs insulated siding.

Boost Your Savings and Energy Efficiency

A house’s walls account for approximately 35% of that home’s energy loss. This energy loss in houses without insulated siding is primarily due to a wall’s wood studs. Even with pink batt insulation between them, these studs leak energy from your walls. Energy bypasses insulation in the wall cavity through a process called thermal bridging by transferring via the studs and spreading through the walls.

Typically studs–which usually aren’t insulated–comprise 25% of a home’s walls. So, it’s like having an entire wall of your home without any insulation. Because of thermal bridging, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recommends homeowners “consider adding insulation under new siding.”

With insulated siding, you can increase your house’s energy efficiency. Subsequently, this siding will help you better control or even lower your energy bill. That’s because insulated siding is proven to reduce air infiltration.

Less air infiltration means less heat escapes your house through your walls. Essentially, your home will better keep heat inside in the winter and keep it outside in the summer. Reducing this air infiltration makes it easier for you to maintain and potentially decrease your monthly energy bill.

Better Protection and Less Maintenance

Another plus of insulated siding is that it provides your home with better protection, all while requiring less maintenance. Traditional siding creates a hollow space between it and the back of the wall, which leaves it susceptible to damage. But insulated siding fills this void with contoured foam insulation, serving as a shock absorber against impact.

Your insulated siding will hold up much better to the elements and other potential damage. This substantial durability includes a natural resistance to rust. Similarly, insulated siding helps manage moisture in your walls.

Because it’s more breathable while blocking water from penetrating the exterior, insulated siding keeps water from building up behind your siding or walls and creating mold. Plus, this insulation carries the added benefit of deterring pest infestations like termites.

Because of its increased durability, the average lifespan of insulated siding is approximately 30 years. Insulated siding is also far simpler to maintain as it doesn’t require painting and is easily washable with a garden hose in the spring and summer months.

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Improved Appearance

In addition to these tangible benefits, insulated siding can also help improve your home’s outward appearance. Insulated siding reduces a house’s imperfections by leveling the wall under the siding. Similarly, the contoured insulation provides more support for the siding panels, which helps maintain their shape and look over time. Plus, unlike traditional siding, insulated siding doesn’t degrade over time or from exposure to the elements.

Since this type of siding has become more popular, there is now an assortment of colors and styles available. These options allow you to choose a type of siding that best suits your home and taste. Insulated siding can significantly boost your home’s exterior appearance, greatly adding to its curb appeal.

Increased Overall Comfort

Insulated siding also helps to dampen outside sounds, decreasing noise levels up to 40% compared to a base wall. If you live close to a busy street or in a noisy neighborhood, this can significantly cut down on outside sounds entering your house.

And, as previously mentioned, insulated siding better controls your home’s temperature, making it more consistent throughout your house. You’ll no longer need to worry about heated or cooled air distribution, and every room in your home will receive an equal share of the heat or coolness. Overall, insulated siding can create a more comfortable environment for everyone in your household. 

Upgrade Your Home Today

Through an Omaha-area exteriors company, you can better protect your house while simultaneously improving its value by installing insulated siding. You can also make your home more energy efficient and more comfortable for your family. Ready to upgrade your home with insulated siding? Contact trusted local experts HomeWise Roofing & Exteriors for more information. 

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