Commercial Roofing

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Do you own a building and need a reputable contractor to replace the roof or perform repairs? The experienced team at HomeWise Roofing & Exteriors is a trusted partner of Omaha-area building owners who need commercial roofing services. From fully-warrantied commercial roofs to coating systems that will prolong the life of your roof to emergency repairs, HomeWise can help with all your commercial roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing Systems and Repairs

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The HomeWise team is proud to offer Mule-Hide commercial roofing products in both our commercial roof installations and repairs.

When you choose HomeWise for your commercial roofing system, you’ll have a team of experts on your side. Our knowledgeable staff will recommend which decking, insulation, membrane, installation method, and edge details best suit the roof of your building. We will also be on hand to help with any emergency repairs you need due to storms or other unexpected occurrences.


There is more to commercial roofing than total replacement. When considering lifecycle costs, it can make sense to prolong the roof’s life with coatings and qualify for a fresh NDL warranty on an existing roof. Reflective roof coatings extend the service life of a mature roofing system. In addition, lasting restoration or repair delays capital expenses until an expensive tear-off or overlay is necessary.

When you choose HomeWise for your commercial roof coating, you’ll have a team of experts who will recommend which coating system, dry mil thickness, and application method best suits your roof. An adequately installed coating system may perform for up to 20 years with proper annual maintenance.

Selecting the right contractor is the first step in a quality residential or commercial job.


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