Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

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As roofing pros, the team at HomeWise Roofing always gets asked questions from homeowners in the Omaha area about their roofs and the roofing process. To help answer some of those questions, we’ve gathered together a few of the most common inquiries in this article. If you don’t see the question you’ve been wondering about, please feel free to reach out to one of our experienced roofing personnel. We would be happy to help you out!

How long will my roof last?


Have you just gotten a new roof or do you wonder if your current roof is coming to the end of its life? Most homeowners don’t understand exactly how much life expectancy they can get out of their roof. And while there is no “real” answer to this question as lifespan will vary depending on climate, type of roof, and frequency and severity of storms, the general answer is about 20 years.

When will my roof need to be replaced?


Again, this isn’t a question with just one easy answer. While most roofs last around 20 years as we explained in the last question, there are numerous factors that can contribute to the need for a roof replacement. For example, a roof that is only a year or two old could need replacement if a strong hailstorm hits and damages it. When we inspect roofs to determine if they need to be replaced, we look at the age of the roof as well as its condition. Does it have curling shingles? Are there leaking valleys or seams? Have shingles lost granulation or are there missing shingles? This will all contribute to our decision about whether you need a new roof.  

Why would I need my roof inspected?


Not sure why you would need a roof inspection if you’ve not experienced a recent storm or if you think your roof is in good shape? You’re not alone. The idea behind regular inspections is that you may not know your roof has been compromised if there aren’t obvious signs like leaks or visible damage. We suggest homeowners have their roofs inspected after severe storms and/or every year if the roof is reaching the end of its life. When we inspect a roof, our pros will check the overall condition of it and ensure that all necessary components are intact. If we determine there’s an issue, we can either fix it or replace the roof before more damage to the roof or the rest of your home occurs.

If my roof is leaking, does it mean it needs to be replaced?


A leak doesn’t automatically mean you need to replace your roof. When we inspect a roof that is leaking, we look at the location and size of the leak. In some cases, we will be able to repair the damage without having to put on a whole new roof. If you notice a leak, it’s important that you call a pro immediately to assess the damage. Small leaks that could have been easily repaired can quickly turn into major leaks that can damage your home or necessitate a full roof replacement.

What exactly is a valley and why does it leak?


A valley is the spot in a roof where the two slopes meet. This is a common area we always look at for leaks as debris can build up in the area and block the water flow from the roof. If water pools in this area, it can cause the roof to leak or rot. Want to keep your valleys from leaking? Keep debris like leaves and branches off your roof as much as possible.

Can I wash my roof?


If you want to keep your roof free of debris and looking its best, you’ve probably considered washing it with a pressure washer or bleach. Unfortunately, both of these methods can lead to damage to your roof as they can cause the mineral surface to release from the shingles. When this happens, the base of the shingles will be exposed to sunlight. This causes them to adhere poorly to the roof and become brittle. Think your roof needs a good cleaning? It’s always best to call in a pro.

What do discolored shingles mean?


Are your shingles no longer the color they were when they were installed? This usually means they’ve developed a buildup of mold, algae, or fungus. If you want these substances removed, call in a professional who is experienced in cleaning roofs safely and effectively.

Did we answer all your questions? If you have more, or if you have questions for us to determine if we are the right roofer for your project, please reach out! We’d love to talk more.

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