Interior Home Improvement Projects for Wintertime

Have you noticed a cool breeze wafting through your bedroom, or is room at the end of the hall significantly cooler than the rest of the house? Does it feel like the front door is open, even when it is not?

Even Nebraska’s winter winds are looking for a cozier habitation right now, and they are finding their way into houses through old single-pane windows and exterior doors with aged and cracking seals. Keeping the house at a comfortable temperature through a winter like this would cost a fortune in power bills. Replacing those faulty windows and doors is one of the specialties of HomeWise. With one phone call, you can get an estimate and schedule an installation, enabling you to enjoy a snug, cozy home while waiting for the spring thaw.

With that project taken care of, you’ll now have the whole winter to work on those other wintertime home improvement projects like framing those new windows with the perfect combination of blinds and curtains.

Which Interior Home Improvement Projects are Successful in the Winter Months?

1.  Seal the cracks. You may have found air seeping in around windows and doors, but that’s not the only place winter winds consider their own private entrance. Gaps around doorways, chimney flues left open (or poorly sealed when closed), cracks or gaps in the wall, and your HVAC system are in collusion with the wind to let in those drafts. If you feel the drafts coming from your air vents, check the seals on your unit’s intake. 

2. Insulate your basement and attic. These lower and upper limits of your house are receiving the least benefits from your heating unit (if warm air is being supplied there at all), so ample insulation is a must to keep the heat within the house.

3. Tackle that painting project. In the winter, lower humidity helps the paint dry faster. Additionally, paint supplies are typically less expensive in the winter due to the seasonal nature of outdoor projects. Taking advantage of this opportunity can not only make your living space feel fresh and new, but the savings will make that new color even more beautiful.

4. Install a smart thermostat. Thermostat technology has improved dramatically in recent years, keeping the temperature cozy and pleasant while it accurately reads the air temperature and adjusts for you as needed. It can also be programmed to run less frequently while the family is out at school and work all day, warming things up just in time for you to make your way back home. 

5. Upgrade your plumbing. From aesthetic options such as new faucets and showerheads to practical and environmentally friendly considerations such as low-water toilets, you’ll typically find a plumber eager to fill his workdays during his slower season. 

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6. Replace worn out floors. Tired of trying to keep carpets clean? Wintertime is the perfect time to install new floors, but we do recommend planning around holiday gatherings, as all of the furniture has to be moved around for the old floor’s removal and installation of the new. If you’re trying to decorate for Christmas or host family gatherings midway through the process, the stress will multiply exponentially.

7. Service your lawn equipment. While your mower, edger, and other yard implements are receiving a respite from their summer labors, go ahead and replace dull parts, change fluids, and get them tuned up. Then, when spring returns, they’ll be ready for peak performance.

8. Brighten your home. Installing brighter and cheerier light fixtures can help keep winter doldrums away. If it’s not in the budget to hire an electrician, consider switching out your conventional bulbs for daylight LED. The brighter illumination and cheerier effect has mood-lifting abilities (and can be a helpful savings on your power bill too!)

9.  Upgrade the kitchen. Among all the home remodel projects that could potentially add value to your home, a modern and functional kitchen will give you the greatest return on your investment. Many realtors would even tell you that the kitchen makes or breaks the sale of a home. So, by upgrading the kitchen, you’ll be making the hub of your home more convenient and functional, as well as ensuring the future value of your home.

10. Improve the laundry room. This often overlooked but vital part of any home deserves a little love too. Do you have adequate shelf space for storing detergent and other supplies? Consider adding shelves or hanging racks for air-dry clothing. Also consider how to improve the functionality of the space. Storage racks for cleaning supplies, and even improving the aesthetics with cheerful paint or wallpaper may help laundry day feel a bit less like a chore. 

How can we help you?

There’s much to be said for the sense of accomplishment we feel when we tackle those looming home improvement projects, and there’s no better time than winter, as you’ll be indoors and able to enjoy the fruits of your labor more. Filling those cold days with productive work will help to beat the malaise and blues that can otherwise accompany short, darker days.

You’ll find that winter time is a great time to book HomeWise for window installation, but that’s not all we offer. From roofing to gutters, siding replacement to door installation, we would love to work with you to make your home a cozy sanctuary in the midst of the worst winter can throw our way. Give us a call today, and we will be happy to schedule a consultation for the project you have in mind.

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