Is Winter a Bad Time for Window Replacement? No!

Did your busy summer lifestyle cause you to forget about replacing the bad windows in your home? It’s easy to put this project out of your mind with the warm air of summer coming through the leaky windows. Now that winter is upon us; those breezes bring an entirely different feeling into your home. The warm air is long gone and replaced with frigid cold blowing through gaps and cracks. You may remember the window replacement project as soon as the cold air enters your home. Your thermostat, and your wallet, are likely working harder to keep your home comfortable.

You may think winter is not the best time to replace those windows. The image of a windowless room and freezing temperatures would bring a chill to anyone. However, spending the entire winter with those leaky windows will bring days of unpleasantness. Why not do it now? Then your winter evenings at home can become cozy and warm. Here are some benefits and tips for replacing your windows during the winter.

You’ll Know Which Windows Need Replacing

The one thing about the cold winter air is how noticeable it is in your home. If you have a window or door leaking air, you will immediately identify that once the temperature drops. The floors are cold in front of it, the room has a drafty feeling, and no one wants to spend time in that area. You are much less likely to notice these things in the warmer months. Waiting until winter may save you money by only replacing the troublesome windows.

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Increased Installer Availability

Anyone searching for an available Omaha exterior company to work on over the past few years will tell you it hasn’t been easy. There is a high demand for work to be completed in people’s homes throughout the country. Window installers often have a slower schedule during winter as people think these projects can’t be completed then. It might be good if you forgot about this project until now. You may experience a different priority level and flexibility as workers have more availability.

Window Replacement is Typically a Quick Process

Overall, replacing a window does not require an extended amount of time. Of course, you may need more time if you have custom windows and designs. Generally, it takes only about an hour to replace an old window with a new one by an Omaha-area exteriors professional. Additional time will likely be required for the finishing work, like caulking and trimming. The time your home will be exposed to the cold air will be pretty minimal per window.

Preparing One Window at a Time

Replacing windows during winter will require your Omaha exterior company to manage the project differently. During the warmer months, they may take out a window and complete the replacement work without concern for other areas of the home. They may work on several windows simultaneously, completing steps as they go along. In the winter, they must consider heat loss and comfort throughout the house. To achieve this, they will likely complete one window at a time while blocking off access to other rooms in the home. The simplest way to block access is to keep doors closed to the rooms getting updated windows. If there are no doors to the room, temporary plastic may be used to keep the cold air from entering other areas.

While the other rooms are blocked off, the window installers will make any adjustments to the structure of the window opening. The new window will then be set into place. The window jams will be insulated and sealed with caulking to keep every bit of cold air outside. Once one window is completed, they will move on to the next one. Fully completing one window at a time will ensure that the rest of your home remains as comfortable as possible.

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Installation Issues Easily Identified

Ideally, everything with your window installation goes smoothly. The new windows are installed, and your house is much more comfortable. However, sometimes projects do not turn out to perfection. Products can have defects, people make mistakes, and expectations are not in alignment. When windows are installed during the warmer seasons, it can be difficult to notice any problems with the installation. Everything may look fantastic on the surface, but once that winter wind begins whipping through, you may become aware of a problem. Getting an Omaha-area exteriors installer to come back and correct the problem may now be more challenging. Installing in the winter will allow you to identify these issues while the installer is on-site.

Winter is a great time to get your windows updated. Homewise Roofing & Exteriors can get your project underway so you can be nice and cozy this winter. Contact us to get things started.

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