New Window Designs Just in Time for Summer

Home design trends have fundamentally changed in the last few years. During COVID, our slower pace of living and the necessity of social distancing helped us rediscover a love of the natural world and a gentler pace of life. As we took the time to look around us, we learned some valuable lessons. Our mental and emotional health improved dramatically from our newfound connections with nature, and home became the center of our living, not just our launch pad from which we blasted off into a life “elsewhere.”

This led to a design trend movement that started with repurposing our homes and property, beginning with outdoor living spaces. Then it expanded to include plant-based textiles and natural elements in home furnishings. Now it also includes window designs as well. For all those times that we have to be indoors, sweeping and unobstructed views of the outdoors we love are fully embraced in the latest trends. As a full-service window installation and repair provider, Homewise Roofing and Exteriors can help you update your home with the latest in window designs…trends that we are sure will become timeless classics.

Biophilic Window Design 

Biophilic window design is a buzzword you’re likely to encounter frequently as you research window options. By definition, biophilic design helps us connect with the parts of the natural world that humans have always needed for survival, such as water and trees. It appeals to something subconscious and instinctive in us and makes our living space more in alignment with the natural world. As you’re thinking of your new windows, think of where and how they will help you best see, enjoy, and interact with flora, bodies of water, and the open sky. Might biophilic design be just what your home needs?

Floor to Ceiling Windows

As their name implies, floor-to-ceiling windows extend the entire height of a wall, allowing far more light and greater views than traditional windows permit. They remove the necessity of interior windowsills or the addition of window dressings, such as curtains. As you might have guessed, open exposure does reduce your privacy, but the tradeoff is a room that feels expansive and keeps you closely connected with the world beyond your home. They can provide an appealing focal point and style in impeccable taste.

Frameless Windows

Walls of glass are absolutely the best way to capitalize on biophilic design. Ultra-modern houses have been the first to embrace frameless windows for residential properties as a sleek and sophisticated look, but they have been in use commercially for some time. The unspoiled aesthetic created by limiting the hardware and casing to near invisibility will make your home a natural oasis.

Window Designs

Smart Windows

You may be astonished to know that in an era replete with smart gadgets of every type, it was the smart window that preceded them all. In fact, the technology used to make responsive windows was under development in the 1980’s. Unfortunately, this technology has continued to remain cost-prohibitive for most, as electricians must work with window installers to make these “battery-like”’ windows work. 

An additional approach to smart window technology includes the thermochromic window, one that contains vanadium dioxide, a temperature-responsive substance. As scientists continue to experiment with the most effective ways to enjoy all the potential benefits of smart windows, most consumers prefer to make a more budget friendly choice. 

Keep a watch on this technology as it continues to become more budget-friendly, and perhaps in the not-so-distant future, all of our homes will have windows that can be programmed to allow in more or less light and heat, or even turned opaque to provide instant privacy.

Energy Efficient Windows

Customers sometimes express concern about energy costs with so much glass. Modern windows can come in triple panes with thin layers of gas in between. This design makes an efficient energy gatekeeper, holding in the air temperatures you want, and keeping both winter chills and summer heat at bay. 

For window design that is gentle on energy consumption, avoid aluminum or metal frame windows. Choose instead those framed in vinyl, fiberglass, or wood. Vinyl frames in particular require little maintenance because they will not require painting. Choosing triple-paned windows keeps your climate temperate, as almost no heat-or cold- can permeate three layers of glass and the insulating inert gasses sealed in between the layers. With a small upfront cost, you can add low emissivity, or E-coatings, to your windows and significantly reduce the amount of energy lost. 

Framed Windows

They may not be the latest trend in window designs, but traditional framed windows have worked for generations, and continue to hold broad appeal. They come in a wide variety of sizes and likely fit perfectly into your already existing window space without having to make a significant alteration to your house’s walls. Additionally, all the advanced technologies that improve energy efficiency and durability are readily available in a wide variety of traditionally framed and picture glass windows.

Many Window Design Options; One Installation Provider

If you are not sure which option is the best for your home, or perhaps you’d like a professional’s assessment, Homewise Roofing and Exteriors is here to help. We offer windows in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and it would be our pleasure to help you explore your options and create a cozy and appealing home environment with windows you can enjoy for many years to come. Give us a call today!

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