Simple Ways to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

Simple Ways to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

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Whether you have an old friend stopping by between their holiday festivities or your in-laws are staying all week, hosting during the holidays can be daunting. The key to tackling your holiday to-do list is preparation. Plan ahead with these tips so you can enjoy the best parts of having visitors, (mostly) stress-free!


The first thing you should do when preparing for guests is to get a firm headcount so you are able to prepare a comfortable space and food for your guests. While a headcount is of the utmost importance, it is also good to stay flexible with any last-minute add-on guests or cancellations. Keep in mind that sometimes things come and plans change and the last thing you want to do is hold a grudge for someone absent or leave a person out in the cold this holiday season.

Fix Up the House

Curb appeal doesn’t always have to cost money. When preparing for guests, it is a great idea to rake up leaves in your yard, declutter your porch, and clear pathways/sidewalks. Holiday guests arriving soon also means that you are approaching a deadline for your home improvement projects like that leaky faucet or creaky door.

The Pre-Holiday Clean Up

Nothing is more welcoming than a fresh, clean home. Focus on areas of the home that guests will spend time in: living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and guest bedroom (if overnight). Most of these can be done very fast and last minute as well.
The day before company is due to arrive, give each room a little time to tidy, dust, and polish. Focus on vacuuming any carpets, sweeping any hard-surfaced floors, and giving things a good wipe down. Bathrooms should be cleaned thoroughly as they will be in extra use. The kitchen should be somewhat organized, but keep in mind that it will get messy during your meal preparation. Lastly, wash any sheets and blankets for overnight guests. Be sure to include clean towels and washcloths for their stay, too.

Welcome Your Guests

Welcome your guests into your home with a made bed and leave a little extra closet space for hangers. It might be helpful to add a bench or folding rack for suitcases as well. Double-check that the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper, facial tissues, and a plunger (to avoid awkward situations)! Add a welcoming touch by leaving clean towels and shower essentials on the bathroom counter.
Before you tackle your holiday grocery list, check-in with your guests to ask what their favorite snacks or drinks are. Beyond coffee and tea, make sure to grab a few simple breakfast items like cereal, oatmeal, or breakfast bars, too! When your guests arrive, be sure to show them where they can find everything in the kitchen and pantry.

Other Last-Minute Tips

To top everything off, welcome guests with seasonal decorations. Hang a wreath at your front door along with a seasonal doormat. Add other decorations around the house to get into the holiday cheer.

Put any breakable or sharp items away in a safe space if young children will be attending. Have drinks and snacks easily accessible in the fridge or pantry so that you can focus on your guests. Keep everything casual with self-serve snacks and finger foods. When the actual meal happens, family or buffet styles work best for all party sizes.

The team at HomeWise Roofing and Exteriors hope these tips will take some of the stress out of the holidays for you! Give yourself more time to enjoy being with family and friends!

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