What You Need to Know About Your Roof if You are a First-Time Homeowner

What You Need to Know About Your Roof if You are a First-Time Homeowner

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Have you achieved the goal of becoming a homeowner for the first time? If so, congratulations on achieving a major life milestone. Buying a home is not called “the American Dream” for nothing! Being a homeowner is something to be proud of, but it also comes with unique challenges that are sometimes surprising to those who are going through the process for the first time. If you have just bought your first home, here are some tips regarding your roof that you should keep in mind so you can keep your new house safe and secure.


Keep in Mind Your Roof Will Not Last Forever

Many first-time homeowners think that as long as the roof is relatively new when they buy their home, they’ll never have to worry about replacing it. However, it’s important to realize that no roof will last forever. The typical roof lasts around 20 years. That means that if the roof was ten years old when you bought the house, you’ll likely need to replace it in the next decade. This timeline could be shortened if your neighborhood experiences a strong hail or wind storm, you have an infestation of pests, or some other unplanned catastrophe occurs. Developing a strong relationship with a reputable contractor should be one of your top priorities when you buy your first home. Not only can they help you with routine repairs, but they can also be a trusted resource you can reach out to when you suspect your roof’s life is coming to an end.


You Need to Keep Up on Regular Maintenance

To make sure your roof lasts as long as possible, you need to be an active participant and keep up on routine maintenance. Add these items to your checklist and you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part to keep your roof performing at optimal levels:

  • Keep branches, leaves, and other loose debris off your roof.
  • Remove any moss or algae that forms on your shingles.
  • Get your roof professionally cleaned if there is moss or algae you cannot remove.
  • Keep your gutters clean and clog-free.
  • Keep an eye out for loose or damaged shingles. If you identify them, call your contractor to see if repairs are necessary.
  • Remove heavy snow after storms.


Paying Attention to It is Key

It’s easy to ignore your roof as a new homeowner. After all, you never had to worry about the roof when you lived in an apartment, with your parents, or in a rental. It’s also easy to ignore something that isn’t directly in your line of sight every day. To make sure you’re giving your roof the proper attention, make a point to look it over on a regular basis and after big storms. You don’t actually have to get on your roof to give it a proper visual inspection. Just get a ladder that’s tall enough to lean against the home and allows you to get a good view of it. Look for missing shingles, damage to the chimney or skylights, and any noticeable damage. You can also check to make sure your gutters are clear while you’re up there. In addition to looking at the exterior of your roof, check inside as well because stains on the ceiling, moss and algae, and bubbling paint can be signs of roof damage.


Schedule an Annual Inspection

Though you may not see any damage on your roof, there may still be problems that aren’t visible to you. An experienced Omaha contractor can often spot damage that you were not aware of. That’s why it’s important to schedule an annual inspection of your roof by a professional. A pro can spot small problems early before they become larger, more expensive issues. This not only prolongs the life of your roof, but also saves you money in the long run.


Choose a Reputable Omaha Contractor to Partner With

A roof inspector as well as anyone you choose to repair or replace your roof needs to be associated with a reliable Omaha contractor that has an excellent reputation and experience in the industry. When you form a partnership with a reputable contractor, you will always know you have a trustworthy source to go to for advice and repairs. Partnering with a professional contractor will give the new homeowners peace of mind that they have an expert who will stand behind their work on their side whenever they need help with their home.

Buying a new home is an exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful one. These tips on maintaining your roof will help you enjoy your new home and working with a professional contractor will give you the peace of mind you need to be a successful homeowner.

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