When to Start Planning Your Spring Exterior Remodeling Projects

With days growing short, frosty mornings, and a chill in the breeze, you likely don’t have springtime exterior remodeling projects on your mind. However, your hometown roofing and exterior professionals at HomeWise Roofing and Exteriors believe there’s much to be learned from that proverbial early bird. If you ask us, the perfect time to start planning your spring projects is right now, and here’s why.

Planning Ahead for Springtime Exterior Remodeling Makes Cents (and Dollars too!)

Exterior remodeling projects are some of the larger endeavors you’ll take on to improve your property, and they can be rather expensive. Unless you have an urgent situation, such as a leaking roof, you’ll find it much kinder to your wallet to take the proactive approach. This means scheduling early, budgeting, and saving up for the project. With three or four months to know what to expect of your financial obligations and time to arrange your resources accordingly, you will dramatically reduce the stress of spending.

Additionally, knowing this large project is looming before you can help you demonstrate self-control when it comes to holiday generosity. If you know a new roof is being installed in April, you’ll be much more disciplined about sticking to that gift giving budget. 

You may also find an extra incentive to complete your tax filings in advance of the April deadline so you can secure your tax refunds to supplement the project financing.

Scheduling Now for Spring Reduces Your Wait Time

Everyone has home improvement on their mind in the springtime. From spring cleaning to landscape redesign, we all want to welcome warmer and longer days with our homes in peak condition. For those of us in the home improvement business, we know that from the onset of spring through the first frost of fall, we will be exceedingly busy. If you want to have your choice of service professionals and be in control of the timeline for your project, don’t wait until everyone else has the same idea. If you do, you may find yourself still on a waitlist in July. Plan and schedule now, and your neighbors will jealously wish they were as clever as you!

Exterior Remodeling

What Makes Spring a Great Season for Exterior Projects?

After those cold months of being trapped indoors, the world begins to wake up again in the springtime. The landscape becomes verdant, a profusion of flowers is in bloom, and the temperatures are steadily growing warmer. The outdoors positively call to us during that time, and besides all the practical reasons we’ll discuss for choosing the spring, if you’re upgrading and remodeling your outside during the season of the year in which you will most want to be outside, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your projects much more. 

The springtime weather is a primary selling point for taking on home improvement projects at that time. March is a dry month in Omaha, and one of transition as well. Those frigid temperatures of winter begin to give way to gradual warming that will continue into April and May. Both of these things are helpful to the professionals you hire, as they will be able to work with less weather delays. The materials used for that new roof or new siding need temperatures that stay at or above 45 °, numbers that are more probable as we move farther into the spring months. 

Additionally, by getting these projects done in the spring, you’ll still have time to freshen and perfect that landscaping without work crews dropping materials on your lawn or trampling your flowers. When the project is finished, you’ll have the longest possible time to enjoy the results through the summer and autumn months. 

When Should I Begin?

How do you know when spring is truly here? Nature knows. Undeniable evidence of spring’s arrival can be spotted among the flora and fauna around us. Here are a few things you can look for to be assured it’s really time to begin those spring exterior remodeling projects. 

1. Pear trees fill with blossoms.

2. Baby animals make their debut in the world. From kittens to farm animals, springtime is the season of new life.

3. Migratory birds are returning after their winter hiatus down south, and birds of all kinds are putting on concerts to attract mates.

4. Go on a bear hunt…in the sky that is. The constellation Ursa Major, among many others, are most visible beginning in the spring and continuing to be observable through the summer. 

5. Sorrel, clover, and dandelions begin to grow in yards, greenspaces, and along roadways.

6.  Snowdrop flowers are in bloom.

7. The thermostat reads consistently warmer temperatures, and the snow disappears.

8. Tadpoles swim in ponds and puddles.

9. Bees busily collect nectar for their honey-making enterprise.

10. Days grow longer with much more cheery sunshine. 

As you’re watching for all these signs that spring is here, keep one practical consideration in mind. May is a soggy month for us in Omaha due to ample rain, so early and mid-spring projects will have fewer weather delays to contend with.

Who Do You Call?

For roofing, gutters, siding, doors, windows, and more, HomeWise Roofing and Exteriors is your go-to provider of quality professional home improvement services. We look forward to working with you to upgrade your home, and we’d love to book a consultation about your project now so you can prepare your budget and schedule the ideal time to make your home the very best it can be. Give us a call today.

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